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5-Week Boot Camp


Week 1 : All inclusive mini course on credit, credit repair strategies, business credit, funding, and starting your own credit and funding businesses.


Week 3: Understand how to master your decision making sills when it comes to money. Train your mind to spot opportunity and assess risk like a finance pro. 


Week 2: Learn how to properly form and structure your business entity without paying thousands for filing and legal help. From LLC's to EIN's to S-Corps and Holding Companies.


Week 4: Learn the deepest secrets of the real estate industry. Invest like the banks do using our advanced real estate strategies  in tax sales, BRRRR, multifamily, and more.


Week 5: Enter the Divit Society. A community of learners, go-getters, founders, dreamers, hustlers, creators, and like-minded individuals. All sharing a similar passion... Growth.

The final week of the boot camp will feature 3 guest speakers on the top of the game in finance specializing in funding, credit, business, and wealth psychology.
Truly an experience you will not get anywhere else.

Exclusive emails will be sent to participants in their final week. This email will allow you access to Divit Society and the final virtual meetings with special guests.

Final Q&A, Prizes, Certificates, and a special gift to all participants.

Sign up now to get exclusive access and become a LEGACY member. Meaning you'll never pay for Divit Society after full launch. 
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Enrollment for the 5-Week Bootcamp has closed. Please subscribe to stay updated with the next open enrollment opportunity!

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