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Connecting Dots

A Wealthier Network.

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The elite community for the inspired, for the learners, the leaders, investors, founders, innovators, thrill-seekers, creators, and motivators-alike. 


An Exclusive Access Network with truly unprecedented perks  . The next level in society.

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Why join Divit?

Dual Sided Community Paths

Yes, that sounds like a mouthful. Our vision for this society is clear and we're not shy about it. We provide amazing and unprecedented experiences, discounts, resources, services, and tools for people AND businesses. We aim to create a community of people who want the best out of life and want to share that with others. We're more than a social club. We're Divit.

Nearly 80,000+ discounts, rewards, and perks

We're building one of the largest networks of discounts, perks, and resources for businesses and everyday people to experience more out of life. 

  • Travel Discounts and INSTANT status with Airlines

  • Retail discounts and rewards at places you love to shop for BUSINESS and PERSONAL purchases

  • THOUSANDS of freebies and perks at restaurants, bars, clubs, and other experiences.

  • On call concierge and customer service, you want it, we get it.

  • Access Lux Network. Yachts, Villas, Cars, VIP Access, Private Flights, all at your fingertips.

  • MASSIVE hotel discount network, some up to 40% off stays.

  • 4-7 day Wellness Retreats

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Empower yourself.

Get instant access to our growing library of guides, resources, and tools to start or grow your business, to repair and build your credit, start credit and funding businesses, and so much more. Empower yourself with the tools and skills it takes to reach the next level in your life!


Joining gives you access to our live Divit Power classes taught by our members who've been vetted and have reached success milestones that PROVE their authority on subjects like:

  • Raising Capital for your business

  • Marketing, Advertising, Branding

  • Personal and Business Credit

  •  Finance, Crypto, Forex, Stocks, NFT's

  •  Real Estate Investing, Wholesaling, Syndication

  • Starting Funds, Establishing Trusts, Infinite Banking

  • Taxes and Starting Business


It's no secret. We're everyday people who want to get the most out of life and provide that for millions of other people.


We're building a society of people who want to share ideas, share tips and encouragement, we are building a community where you can do those things and be rewarded with perks and access you can't get in many other places.

Learn about our Founders
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Our Academic Library

No need for the classroom setting, even though we're offering that too.

Expect to see over 30 online courses and programs from vetted professionals who provide information and guides on many subjects to improve your business, your life, and your skillsets. Our first set of courses will cover Personal Credit, true Business Credit and NET Accounts, Real Estate, Money Psychology, and general business tips.

No available programs

Coming SUMMER 2024

Divit Spaces

Need a desk? An office for you and your team? How about a meeting room? Coffee's included.

Divit Retreat

Need a break? A moment away for you and your team? How about a yoga mat, some fresh air, and a beautiful view? 

Divit LUX

 Need a thrill? How about some wheels and the roar of a supercharged V8? Maybe the elegance of a Rolls Royce? How about just something for A to B?

Divit Society, Headquarters, Location, Philadelphia, Skyline, Philly
" There's so much more to life than a few Square Miles"

Experience the world and all the positive it has to offer with Divit.

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