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Virtual Finance Boot Camp


 Dive into this ALL-INCLUSIVE mini course on credit! We teach you the secrets that the credit repair companies don't want you to know and the secrets that the credit bureaus are SCARED of!

In this mini course you'll have unlimited access to templates that actually work, mini e-books, credit repair strategies, guides and hacks, plenty of resources and a lot more!

You'll Learn:

  • How to repair your own credit using consumer law

  • Why Consumer Law is one of the Best Ways to Repair

  • How to Remove Collections, Inquiries, Late Payments, Medical Debts, and more

  • Using Credit for Travel Hacking

  • How to Build a Strong Credit Profile

    We're not just throwing regurgitated info out there from Google and YouTube! We've spent almost 10 years dedicating our time and work towards finding credit repair strategies that actually work! You'll have access to all of this and more!


 Understand how to master your decision making skills when it comes to money. Train your mind to spot opportunity and assess risk like a finance pro. 

Over the course of almost a decade. We've learned to fine-tune our investing and financial decision making skills. In this  mini course you'll learn how to assess risk, build confidence in your money making and decision making and how to apply it to anything in your life regarding finance.

  • Understand how to set S.M.A.R.T Financial Goals

  • Learn income and Wealth Creation Strategies

  • Learn Debt Management and Debt Elimination Strategies 

  • Grasp the Financial and Wealth Psychology around Success and Successful Habits

  • Dive into Savings and Investing Strategies that the Elite and Wealthy use


 Learn how to properly form and structure your business entity without paying thousands for filing and legal help. From LLC's to EIN's to S-Corps and Holding Companies. We know how daunting the task can be when setting up your business. 

In this mini course you'll learn about different business entities, legal structures, and how and when they could be utilized. Understanding this process can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in filing fees and we guide you through the process.

You'll also have access to a few special Mini Guides and
E-books that will help you along your business journey like:

  • How the elite and wealthy structure their business entities for MAXIMUM protection

  • A few of the best states to incorporate or organize your LLC or Corporation

  • How to create generational wealth for your children from the day they're born

You'll also have access to:

  • Our Funding Playbooks, showing you a few methods on how to acquire REAL Capital for your business

  • Our List of NET30 Vendors to build resources, tradelines, and Business Credit at stores and companies you already shop at for your business


 Learn the deepest secrets of the real estate industry. Invest like the banks do using our advanced real estate strategies  in tax sales, BRRRR, multifamily, and more.

In this mini course, you're going to find a POWER PACKED ton of modules with actionable steps, book recommendations for further learning, real world examples, mini e-books and guides, and plenty of resources you can use from DAY 1.

  • Learn about one of the best kept secrets in real estate investing. Understand how to acquire properties for PENNIES on the dollar in almost every county in the United States. We'll show you how to access this POWERFUL list of properties and how to acquire them or secure a GUARANTEED return on your money.

  • Get an in-depth look at an EVEN BIGGER SECRET in real estate. It's so powerful that it hinges between real estate and BANKING. That's right, you'll learn how to invest in mortgage notes like the banks!

  • Learn the in-depth processes in buying Multifamily Property, Flipping, Wholesaling and a lot more!

Lifetime Access

 Enter the Divit Society. A community of learners, go-getters, founders, dreamers, hustlers, creators, and like-minded individuals. All sharing a similar passion... Growth.

The final portion of the boot camp will feature guest speakers on the top of the game in finance specializing in funding, credit, business, and wealth psychology.
Truly an experience you will not get anywhere else.

Exclusive emails will be sent to participants in their final week. This email will allow you access to Divit Society and the final virtual meetings with special guests.

Final Q&A, Prizes, Certificates, and a special gift to all participants.


Sign up now to get exclusive access and become a LEGACY member. Meaning you'll never pay for Divit Society after full launch. 
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