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Get Your copy of the OMNEFIED™ Real Estate Tax Liens Quick Guide

Just $7.99 - No Fluff. No Google Gurus. 

Learn the Tax Sales Process - One of Real Estate's BEST Kept Secrets

  My name is Jonathan Smith, Founder of

Divit Society, a community for entrepreneurs, hustlers, go-getters, learners, and the inspired all alike.


I bought my first property using the Tax Deed Process almost a DECADE ago. I'm also owner of OMNEFi Mobile Banking, a banking startup that helps to bring real change to small communities through investing and offering low cost financial literacy programs.


I've spent years after that first purchase buying more  and building real estate portfolios using Real Estate's most secret strategies, like multifamily syndication, note investing, tax liens, and creative financing strategies. I spend everyday doing two things: The actual work and helping others to do it too.


Acquire your First Tax Lien or Tax Deed FAST.

We've broken down the process for acquiring tax liens into an easy 15 page guide that will get you on your feet and on your way to building your own portfolio of properties and reliable passive income through real estate.


Acquire your First Property using the Tax Deed Process

Using the Tax Deed process, we show you how easy it is to acquire properties for as low as a few hundred dollars. This depends on the county you're buying in but here's the kicker... EVERY county in the U.S. has some sort of Tax Sale. We help you find them and find properties you can acquire today or create income from.


Create Reliable Government Backed Passive Income

What's the income we keep talking about? Well, investing in tax liens are a win-win situation because when you win a bid in the earlier stages of the process, you'll always be paid your investment plus up to 21% interest in some areas... OR you'll always have the opportunity to acquire the property. We teach you how to do this in a way that you take on virtually little to no risk. I'll even show you how to skip the auctions and go straight for the property!


Learn to Access Upset, Judicial, and Repository Sales

As I said earlier, every county in the U.S. has some sort of Tax Sale or Auction, you'll learn the best time and place to look for these auctions and start buying property or investing in tax lien certificates TODAY!


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