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Get Your copy of the OMNEFIED™ Credit Revolution II Quick Guide

$12.99 - No Fluff.  No Bullsh*t.  All Growth. 


We're excited to announce a special collaboration and partnership with OMNEFi™ , an emerging powerhouse in the financial technology industry. Helping you repair and build your credit, manage your finances, and learn the ins and outs of investing. This partnership starts with our commitment to providing the best quality service and products to our underbanked and underserved communities!

Our passion for seeing people thrive and grow in entrepreneurship and financial literacy is a very special one. We've chosen to work with OMNEFi™ to better serve our communities and provide ongoing support to youth in entrepreneurship. 

This quick guide is the start of an ongoing initiative to bring resources, financial backing, financial literacy, and tools to the supporters and inner circle of OMNEFi™. We believe that this partnership will help countless young women and men to truly level up and see growth in all areas of their life, from the brain straight to their wallets!


Welcome to Divit Society™ x OMNEFi™.


Repair like the Pro's - Learn the exact processes.

We've broken down the process for repairing credit into an easy step by step guide that will walk you through the early steps of repairing your credit by removing inquiries and collection accounts using consumer law to increase the chances of success with disputes.


Credit Basics - The roots of credit

The book will help you to understand the basics of credit, why it matters, how to use it effectively, and how to apply it! Just like finance products you already use, it's best to know why it works, how to use them, and how to apply it to your everyday life!


The Credit Garden 

It doesn't matter if you're starting with repair or if you just need to build credit. We've included almost 25 easy approval credit builder programs and several tips and strategies you can use TODAY to see new growth in your credit!


EXCLUSIVE ACCESS - Divit Society Virtual Finance Camp

We really hope you enjoy this guide, it's a culmination of the thoughts and powerful tools and resources that help hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and build on their financial literacy.

The Divit Society Virtual Finance Camp helps members to learn:

  • Credit Repair and Building

  • Business Structure -LLC , EIN, Corp

  • Business Credit - NET30s , Biz Credit Cards

  • Starting Credit Repair Businesses

  • Finding Capital and Financing

  • Understanding The Money Mindset

  • Real Estate - How to Invest with low and No Money

We're so committed to seeing you grow that we've created a SPECIAL , EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Promo.


If you're here, you've made it! If you're interested in joining our community, take advantage of

This will take off 10% of the cost to enroll in the boot camp. It'll even work with AfterPay ;)


Grab Your Copy

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