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Divit Society . More than a social club.

 Founded on the principle of access for all and with the ideal and vision of creating an experience you can't get anywhere else, we at Divit value people. As a company this rings true even with our diverse and dynamic culture. We truly want to see people at their best and enjoying life.

 The idea sparked from our founders having a night out in Philadelphia, our favorite places treated us as if we were their favorite customers. It's an amazing feeling to go somewhere where you're loved and treated with respect, like royalty almost. We immediately saw the opportunity for an all-around service that gave people VIP treatment everywhere they go. From our network of 80,000+ retailers, hotels, airlines, and local small businesses nationwide to our in-house network of creators who give valuable resources, discounts, and tools, we aim to deliver ways to grow your business, your skills, and ways to enjoy life.

We welcome people from all walks of life to come and learn, enjoy, and grow in a community where everyone wants something similar. When we first imagined Divit, it was about bringing people together and it'll always be about bringing people together. It's bigger than us. *sheds a tear*

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A Mission Of Empowerment


Professional Online Modules


Industry Leading Mentors


Businesses in our Discount and Perk Network


Business Established in our Incubator

The Divit System?

 The beauty in all of our offerings is the access you as a member can recieve. One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to create, deploy, and grow businesses. Our founders have mastered and consulted in many industries and have done so for a combined 20+ years.

 This knowledge has allowed us to create a program exclusive to our members that gives the average person the ability to take their ideas and turn them into businesses WITHOUT losing equity and at a comparable cost to many other incubators and accelerators.

 We have in-house developers, content managers, fundraisers, investors, and consultants in several industries that have all been vetted for their professionalism and their ability. We truly stand at the top of the mountain, not alone, but as a community. We're committed to building people.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


In all of our consulting approaches, transparency is paramount


We take our clients and our members seriously, whether it's providing a service or providing an experience.


Our network of mentors and aren't the only people who are vetted here. We've all put in 50,000+ hours to our crafts, studies, and professions. 


Our commitment to this society is amongst the highest that can be executed. For this to grow, you must grow. We'll be here for both


The driving force behind this is the founders desire and passion to create a place where everyone finds benefit, fun, knowledge, and ultimately an experience that's shared with others.

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